A tradition of delivering a better building experience is the foundation of Walters Buildings' service to you. Founded by Jack and Alice Walters, our company has been responding to the need for durable, quality buildings since 1958. The first frame building erected was a 40' x 60' machine shed built in Neosho, Wisconsin. Still in use today, it was a progressively new concept, built entirely by hand from digging the holes and setting the trusses to applying the galvanized steel. Progress that has been made since those early days can be seen everywhere. Brilliant color has been added to the galvanized steel, which improved its performance and looks. Round poles gave away to treated square posts which then turned to steel transfer plated columns resulting in engineered buildings for every purpose. Our crews now have specialized construction equipment so buildings can be erected quickly and more efficiently. Jack Walters' sole proprietorship has changed into Jack Walters & Sons, Corp. and now is commonly known as Walters Buildings.

We have grown from a single sales person to a network of offices throughout the Midwest. Our experienced sales specialists and construction crews have earned us a reputation of quality and integrity. We are very proud of our sustained 99% customer satisfaction rating. The quality of buildings we construct is only as good as the materials used. For this reason, we have found it necessary to design and manufacture a building where we control the quality of materials thereby assuring you of the finest materials available. Walters' buildings are designed and engineered with nearly half a century of construction experience. These long-lasting trouble free buildings are sold and erected by the same crews that earned your trust and confidence in the past.

Our company is now divided into several construction centers. These construction centers receive their building products from our manufacturing plants in Allenton, Wisconsin and Fairfield, Illinois. These construction centers employ professional sales specialists and local craftsmen who share an interest in their neighbors and their community.

At Walters Buildings, our network of locally managed crews is without question the major reason for its success over the years. Working hard year round, they are a tough, skilled group that is specially equipped with heavy-duty equipment that stays with them until the job is done. These well-trained craftsmen understand the need to erect a quality building. They do not take shortcuts just to get the job done.

We believe in the concept of having crews that are managed locally. To our customers it means that the personal integrity and capabilities of each crew member is being measured by his friends and neighbors and not by some distant stranger that we'll never see again. In short, they care. We know because their performance proves it.

We are committed to delivering our customers a better building experience. The following items help us achieve this goal:

  • Prompt return call from initial contact
  • On-site visit and quick follow-up with a proposal delivered and explained in detail and in person
  • Salesman listens to customer's needs and designs for attractiveness and functionality keeping in mind the budget Professional, friendly, trustworthy, organized, patient, knowledgeable and dependable salesman
  • Design flexibility, and able to meet a given construction time-line
  • Building delivered on time with all material shipped complete with no damage from shipping
  • Construction starts soon after delivery and the crew continuously works on this project until it is completed ontime as the salesman promised
  • Salesman and Foreman keep the owner in the loop on the schedule, the process and any problems
  • Crew is professional, courteous, accountable, dependable, friendly, respectful and hard working
  • Crew cleans up the job site every night and thoroughly cleans up job site at the completion of the job
  • All punch-list items are addressed immediately and any minor tweaking of components are dealt with in a timely manner

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