Eco Friendly

An Environmentally Conscious Company Walters Buildings takes great pride in being an environmentally conscious company. From the building components we manufacture, to our construction techniques in the field, to the products we supply to our customers……our goal is to be a responsible steward of the environment.

Post-frame construction makes it easy to be "Green". Post-frame construction lends itself to large wall cavities that can easily accommodate a substantial amount of thermal insulation. Even the structural members themselves have a good R-value rating, due to their natural insulating properties. Post-frame construction provides very efficient use of materials, and insulation may be installed continuously between posts, making for a more energy-efficient building.

Many of the materials Walters uses in their buildings are manufactured with recycled material. The standard steel cladding that Walters uses is made from recycled steel, aluminum, copper and zinc. The high recycled content and recyclability of these metals allow for metal construction products to be routinely included on listings for "green" or sustainable building materials.

Our customers can rest assured that the building they are investing in is not only going to be attractive and durable, but it's also designed, manufactured and built with the environment in mind.

Walters' Insulation System Walters is proud of its energy efficient buildings. These buildings save our customers money in heating and cooling costs but also are great for the environment. Our standard insulation package is one of the highest performing systems in the market.

It includes:

  • Wall thicknesses from 8½" to 12½"
  • 8' wide spans of solid insulation
  • Uncompressed insulation for better performance
  • Full ventilated attics
  • Standard 14" Energy Heel trusses to allow for maximum ceiling insulation and proper attic venting
  • Sidewall insulation values from R20 to R40
  • R38 + for blown-in ceiling insulation

Walters' EnviroClean Steel Panels All of Walters' EnviroClean Steel Panels have ceramic Cool pigmentation that meets the minimum solar reflectance requirements for Energy Star approval criteria. In fact, home owners who re-roof their homes with Walters' EnviroClean Steel Panels in 2009 and 2010 may be eligible for a tax credit worth up to 30% of the materials cost (material only) up to $1,500 per home. Cool metal roofing like Walters' EnviroClean Steel Panels has been shown to save up to 40% on energy costs, depending on your regional climate. Steel is 100% recyclable; it's a very "green" product.

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