Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Over 50 years in business Time tested construction methods, future service, not a fly by the night builder.
Family Owned The family name is in the brand and family members are in key positions in the company.  This insures the family name and what it represents in the marketplace is at the core of decision making (skin in the game for the long run).
In-house engineering Flexibility in truss design, prelim drawings available, sealed plans, lower cost better design, no architectural costs, no charge access to engineering team, allows us to design and layout buildings to efficiently meet the customer's needs and all applicable building codes.  You get to see your project before committing to purchase.  Other builders often charge for prelims.
In-house crews paid by the hour that have the tools and training to complete your project as designed. Building control, better workmanship, consistency.  Some competitors sub out the labor to an independent crew.  The more "shortcuts" they take the more money they make.
.0171 Thick - 92,000 avg. (80,000 min.) psi Structural Grade Steel Looks nicer longer, strong and thick, more dent resistant (less hail storm damage), adds structural integrity to building.  Walters' panel is approximately 20% thicker than 29 gauge products.  Walters' panel has more load carrying capacity than 24 Gauge grade C or D panels.
1" tall ribs on steels

Less leaks and stronger panel

One piece roof panels on all buildings up to 66' wide. Less problems down the road: no corrosion between splices like two or three piece roofs do and less chances of roof leaks.  Walters also offers one piece panels on endwalls as a standard offering.
Southern Yellow Pine Columns

SYP has highest load carrying and nail holding rating of any wood.  More than double that of standard SPF (white wood) some builders use.  SYP is heavier and more dense (grains are closer together) than SPF lumber which means it will hold fasteners better.

Patented STP Columns that are treated to .8 CCA

Strong, cleaner & neater, 50 year warranty, Allows for more treatment penetration and adequate kiln drying because plys go through the process individually and not as a solid post.  Other builders are using .6 which is minimum allowed.  .8 actually meets spec for freshwater piles.  Some builders have switched to new treatments like ACQ but these treatments have not been in use long enough and are corrosive.

G90 galvanizing min. (up to 1.2 ounces of zinc per square foot) & Walters' Ceramic Based EnviroClean Paint System (Energy Star Partner)

Color retention, chalking and rusting resistance, similar chalk and fade performance to Premium Kynar systems, is more scratch resistant than Kynar paint systems, has a thicker paint coating than competitor's panels, recoatable.  Edge rust protection warranty is not available with competitor's galvalume products.

CADMAP Design Software

Prelims to ensure expectations are the same as proposals

Custom Designed Trim Package

Matching and more complete


Full Non Pro Rated Warranties "not just a bunch of replacement parts dropped on site"

Steel frame sliding doors

Strong yet easy to open (especially for women and children).  Our sliding doors are 3 1/2" thick, 16-20ga. G-60 Galvanized steel which is 2 1/2 times stronger than competitor's 1 1/2" thick frame.  Assembled only with steel channels and screw fasteners.  Over center adjustable lock latches to draw the slide doors tight to the jamb trim.  Less problems with wind & snow.

Optional raised chord trusses

Allow for a lower profile building without sacraficing door height or inside clearance

All rafter roof system (in freestall barns)

Give the building a more open look inside, reduce bird perches in the building, provides a place for attaching feed panels at the manger

Nail fasteners for steel panels (Stainless steel screws also available)

Easier to seal against steel when hand nailed, hot dipped galvanizing increases longevity of fastener.  Up to 3x bigger than other nails being used in the industry.

Vented soffit overhangs used in conjunction with continuous ridge vents

Lets the building breathe and keeps the air inside it more dry and fresh - minimize internal condensation

Thermax board insulation

Does not bow down between purlins for birds to get at, allows for a solid connection of the roof steel to the purlins, does not absorb moisture

Member of the National Frame Builders Association

Member in good standing, meet quality requirements to be a member, up to date with construction best practices

Corporate Member of the Better Business Bureau

Member in good standing, meet quality and integrity requirements, third party dispute resolution


We use 2x6 SYP vs.some competitor's 2x4 SPF - Stronger, better built structure


Standard 90 lbs. of concrete vs. pre-cast biscuits.  Using sackrete mix footing that anchors to our column with a drilled rebar has much less chance of frost heave and better wind load capacity than sitting on a pre-cast pad.  Up to 1500% better uplift strength than the pre-cast "cookies" used by other builders.  Customer does not have to worry about sagging roof lines or bulging sidewalls. 

Sales/Construction Manager, a trained professional, will work with you throughout the entire project to completion and for future service.

The same person who sells the building is the same person who is held accountable for the project and how it turns out; that is you work with the same person through design, sale, erection and service follow-up.  Some competitors turn you over to a project manager.  Some have no call-back system at all.

Standard gutters & downspouts

Without gutters the site will wash out along the sidewall unless the customer adds rock or special landscaping.  Helps keep moisture away from the columns and prevents heaving from frost.  Looks nicer.  Use commercial 5" vs. smaller residential gutters and downspouts.

Same type of materials for small & big projects

Customer always assured of having consistent first-rate quality materials not a second-rate economy line for smaller ticket items

General contracting ability

Customer has someone who will coordinate his entire project so things are done in proper order and on time.  Time savings, less hassles.

Standard 4'-6" Stall Doors

Most stall doors are 4'.  More room for horse to get in and out of stalls.

All trusses designed with TPI  inspections and stamped

Customer can be assured that all trusses meet rigid standards during the mfg. process and are uniform in loading.  This provides a confidence during wind or snow that the building will be undamaged.

Multiple bracing- wind braces, 2 x 6 corner bracing, knee braces, truss ties, etc.

The advantage to the customer is that the building will stay straighter, doors will slide better, and it will with stand higher wind and snow loads.  One of the main advantages is that you will have a lot less roof leaks after the building is up a few years.

Notched BR-5 ridge cap standard

The customer will not have the problem of wind removing or birds pulling out the neopreme outside closures from under a regular ridge cap. .  This always happens after a few years on unnotched ridge caps.  Therefore he will not have rain or snow blowing under the ridge.  A helpful tool for crews to align the roof panels and secure them and space them properly eliminating the need for foam filler strips as used under a flat ridge cap.

Buildings are delivered on our company owned trucks

We control the building from manufacturing to the job site delivery.  This helps eliminate material damage and  problems for the customer.

Hand Framed Shell Building Provides up to 200% bigger fasteners than others' pneumatic nails.

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